Announcing the Recipients of JPP’s Spring 2024 Project Grants

Japan Past & Present is delighted to announce the recipients of our inaugural Project Grant competition. We received compelling, creative applications from researchers and educators around the world, including many that brought together scholars at different stages in their careers and from a variety of regions, embodying the global vision for the field to which JPP is committed. Indeed, it proved so hard to narrow down the list of awardees that we have decided, in this first round of grants, to award five instead of the four we had originally planned. We congratulate the five teams that were selected:

"The Experiences and Voices of Japanese women in Seventeenth-century Dutch East India Company Batavia"

  • Susan Broomhall スーザン・ブルームホール, Professor, Australian Catholic University (Team Coordinator)

  • Jessica O’Leary ジェシカ・オリリー, Research Fellow, Australian Catholic University

  • Ming Gao 高銘, PhD Researcher, Australian Catholic University

"Digital Soseki: Development and Applications of a TEI-Tagged Dataset for his Novels"「デジタル漱石:全長編小説のTEIタグ付けデータセット開発とその応用」

  • Yoshitaka Hibi 日比嘉高, Professor, Nagoya University (Team Coordinator)

  • Inkyoung Um 嚴仁卿, Professor, Korea University

  • Yamagishi Ikuko 山岸郁子, Professor, Nihon University

"A New Perspective on the Representation of Japanese Women in Southeast Asia: Translation and Annotation of the Diary of Woman Scientist Yamamura Yaeko"「東南アジアにおける日本人女性像の新視角:女性科学者・山村八重子の日記資料に注目して」

  • Karl Ian Uy Cheng Chua チェンチュア・カールイアン・ウイ, Professorial Lecturer, University of the Philippines Diliman (Team Coordinator)

  • Eri Kitada 北田依利, Research Fellow, Ochanomizu University

  • Hiro Fujimoto 藤本大士, Assistant Professor, Heidelberg University

"Kawaii in Japan and beyond: Theory and Praxis"

  • Joshua Paul Dale, ジョシュア・パール・デール , Professor, Chūō University (Team Coordinator)

  • Megan Catherine Rose メーガン・キャサリン・ローズ, Researcher, University of New South Wales

  • Erica Kanesaka えりか兼坂, Assistant Professor, Emory University

  • Patrick W. Galbraith パトリック・W・ガルブレイス, Associate Professor, Senshū University

  • Georgia Thomas-Parr ジョージア・トーマスパー, Associate Lecturer, University College London

"Towards Gender-Just & LGBTIQA+ Inclusive Language in Japanese Studies and Japanese Language Education"

  • Maki Yoshida 吉田真樹, Lecturer, RMIT University (Team Coordinator)

  • Jotaro Arimori 有森丈太郎, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, University of Toronto

  • Megumi Watanabe 渡邉慈美, Lecturer, Princeton University

  • Claire Maree クレア・マリィ, Professor, University of Melbourne

We are excited to work with all five teams over the next several months to develop their projects and prepare them for publication on the JPP website, thus facilitating JPP’s mission to foster multilingual collaboration, communication, and scholarship, and disseminate its results to a global audience. Thank you to everyone who applied to this first round of grants! Please be sure to subscribe to our news blog and follow us across social media (Twitter, Facebook, & Bluesky) to receive information about our next Project Grant application cycle.

Michael Emmerich
Director, Japan Past & Present
Director, The Yanai Initiative

Paula R. Curtis
Operations Leader, Japan Past & Present
Yanai Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA

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