We have compiled a list of answers to some questions we often get about Japan Past & Present below. If you have a question that has not been answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form on our contact page.

What is Japan Past & Present (JPP)?

Japan Past & Present (JPP) is a global information hub and repository that promotes research and teaching in the Japanese humanities across disciplinary, temporal, and geographic borders. Open to participants around the world, JPP aims to provide equitable access to scholarly tools and materials, and to help realize an increasingly diverse and inclusive future for the field. For more information, please refer to our Mission Statement.

Where does JPP get its funding?

JPP was created as a project of the Yanai Initiative for Globalizing Japanese Humanities at UCLA and Waseda University, and the Yanai Initiative is its primary sponsor. Particular JPP events and projects are realized through partnerships and co-sponsorships with organizations and institutions around the world; all these partners and co-sponsors are identified on the Partnerships page on the JPP website, and on the landing page for each project.

Is any funding available to me or my organization through JPP?

Please refer to our Funding page for information about funding opportunities.

How can I stay up to date with JPP’s latest news and events?

There are several ways to keep up to date. If you would like to receive email notifications about new posts to our JPP News blog, you can subscribe here. If you would like to check out upcoming events related to Japan, please explore our Events calendar. To follow us on social media, you can visit our Twitter or Facebook pages.

How do I suggest an event or project for JPP?

We are always happy to hear from people interested in collaborating or creating new projects. You can visit our Projects and Resources pages to learn more about current activities; review our Funding page to learn about event co-sponsorship; check our Get Involved page for any open calls for events or projects; or follow our JPP News blog or social media accounts to keep up to date with recent announcements.

Can I join an existing project underway at JPP?

Certain JPP projects are conceived and realized by participants recruited through an open application process in coordination with JPP staff. Please keep an eye on the JPP News blog for advertisements about these projects. Other projects are developed internally by one or more of the three JPP Collaboratives (PJC, EMJC, MCJC) under the direction of the relevant project manager(s). In still other cases, JPP may collaborate on a project that predates or is housed outside of JPP and is run by non-JPP staff. If you are interested in joining an existing project, please contact the appropriate project leader or JPP project manager directly.

My project needs a new home, can JPP host it?

JPP will consider inquiries about the possibility of hosting or linking to an existing project relevant to its mission on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out via our contact form for general inquiries, or contact the Operations Leader and relevant collaborative Project Manager.

Help! A link or image on the JPP homepage is broken. Who do I tell?

Please report any broken links, missing images, or other issues with our website to our team via the contact form. We appreciate your help!

My question isn’t answered here. What should I do?

If your question isn’t answered here, please submit a general inquiry via our contact form.